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Misty's Blood by Sincerely Yours

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This is a hood book kinda novel. Here's a description:

A story of twisted fates and damaged lives comes with the release of author Sincerely Yours' newest novel, Misty's Blood. Sincerely Yours fearlessly explores the terrible spaces in which perversion often lives through the warped lives of a family torn apart by infidelity.

Misty's Blood begins with Denise Johnson's seemingly lucky life. Happily married for seventeen years with her husband Joshua and with a flourishing career, Denise thought she could not ask for more. Then she finds her husband in bed with another woman. Distraught beyond relief, Denise's once successful life rapidly dwindles down the drain.

Fast tracking into the future unveils Misty. Misty was the unfortunate result of a misaligned life. Growing up with a drug-addicted mother and a rapist guardian, Misty's life headed into the inevitable. Her mother expectedly overdosed and Misty eventually killed the man who raped her. Finally, one day, Misty was free and fell in love with the most disarming man she had ever met. But her enchanting man had his secrets, deep and dark, ones that Misty will never forgive if she learns them.