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100% Perfect Girl by Wann

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Great Korean romance manga. Cinderella-type story. Inspired by a line from Haruki Murakami.

I had to get this book because of the title lol. Definitely relate! But anyway it’s a really cute lil Cinderella-type story. The girl J meets a guy also named J, and, ya know, they have an instant connection. But she’s a high school student in Korea and he’s a prince in Roinne (fictional country in Europe), so they kinda sneak around a little bit. He’s buying her fancy stuff, and she’s skipping school to hang out. But then they trigger each other just a couple page from the end. It's good.  get worse before they get better for them, even in their bliss, they trigger each other and storm away. But that distance shows both of them that “to be in love is the farthest thing from peace of mind" (Wann).

-Rachel Wagner