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A Secret Affair by Barbara Taylor Bradford

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This is a quaint British novel that takes place in 1995. The pacing of the story moves along quickly from one situation to the next. It’s about an American guy meeting an American girl in Italy. The two of them are late 20’s, early 30’s. They fall in love, but she’s married. It’s all very innocent tho because she’s practically separated from her husband, and he’s a widower with a young daughter. So Bill and Vanessa are perfect for each other, down to the fact that they’re also extremely successful, living their wildest artistic dreams, and are very well-off. Guess that’s part of the romantic fantasy.

Best line:

“Emotion. Love. Warmth. Companionship. True feelings shared. Sexual love. Understanding. Was that too much to ask of a man? Surely not. Certainly it was not too much for her to give.”

Barbara Taylor Bradford

-Rachel Wagner