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After Birth by Elisa Albert

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Great, excellent novel about a woman who just had a baby. This is from my first time reading it:

i read like half the book without realizing it was fiction. too real lol.

This was a few months later:

This was my second time reading this book. I forgot how funny the narrator is. Reminds me so much of the way me and my friend were after we had our babies six months apart. Well, I guess the book really highlights the ways we didn’t use our situation to our advantage at the time. Now she lives far away, and we both regret not chilling more than we were while we lived nearby. One relevant line from the book: “I could have ten children like this, I say, meaning together, as a team. Sitting around, eating, talking, blankets on the floor. I mean, no fucking problem. We say um-hmm I know oh my god totally right that’s normal yeah” (104).

I also wrote about it for a conference. My paper was called: “Witchy Post-Baby Bodies in Elisa Albert’s After Birth.” Anyway it's a good book.

-Rachel Wagner