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Black Queer Hoe by Britteney Black Rose Kapri

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Cool book of poems by a writer from Chicago. Here's something I wrote about it:

Love this poetry collection. Poems about bodies/sex/skin/romance are mixed up with relevant tweets from the writer, which is cool. Favorite poems right now is “titling” and “my ob-gyn tells me i may not be able to have children.”

-Rachel Wagner

Here's a general description:

Black Queer Hoe is a refreshing, unapologetic intervention into ongoing conversations about the line between sexual freedom and sexual exploitation.
Women’s sexuality is often used as a weapon against them. In this powerful debut, Britteney Black Rose Kapri lends her unmistakable voice to fraught questions of identity, sexuality, reclamation, and power, in a world that refuses Black Queer women permission to define their own lives and boundaries.