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Call Me Princess by Tomoko Taniguchi

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Cute, quick book about a girl in high school who wants to meet a guy that will treat her right. Makoto knows one guy like that, but he’s married to her sister. So she admires their marriage and hopes to meet a guy like her brother-in-law one day. Lucky for her, he has a little brother her age lol.

So they meet and happened to go to the same school and get to know each other and all that. He has a lot of feelings about the family situation he’s coming from (his mother just died etc.), and sometimes he comes off a little standoffish. But turns out he’s exactly the kind of guy Makoto wants.

Something I liked about this particular book is that Tomoko Taniguchi drops a few lines here and there from her voice explaining how she learned English or just offering a few sketches on the side of a page. She’s sweet. And it’s a cool move to insert yourself into your own book like that.

Best line: “I want someone to call me ‘princess.’ I want someone to love me so bad.” -Tomoko Taniguchi

-Rachel Wagner