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I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika Sanchez

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Great novel. Here's a description:


This book is about a girl with a dead sister. And that sister is the good daughter–she has a good boyfriend, she goes to school in Chicago and lives at home, she cooks and cleans too. But Julia, the narrator, is younger. She wants to write, she wants to go to school in NYC, she wants to read instead of cooking or cleaning or partying with family.

But the death of her sister changes things because now Julia wants to know who her sister really was. She finds hotel information or sexy clothes or scandalous messages. But she doesn’t want to expose her. Her curiosity comes from love. Knowing her sister’s imperfections becomes a way to learn about her own life–and the history of her parents.

The best line: “Sometimes nature makes me feel better, more human, like I’m connected with everything and everyone. Other times, I want to lie beneath a tree and dissolve into the earth forever.”