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Identity by Milan Kundera

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Love love love this book.

This is a quick lil novel about a couple struggling to truly know each other and, therefore, themselves. Chantal feels sad that men don’t seem to look at her anymore. She expresses this to Jean-Marc, and he feels a little betrayed cuz he’s like well why doesn’t she notice that I still look at her? He turns around and starts writing her letters from a secret admirer to make her feel desired.

But when she finally realizes Jean-Marc is the writer, she’s pissed at him for teasing her. Jean-Marc also feels some type of way because she never confided in him that there was someone sending her love letters. This misunderstanding is highlighted by the fact that they never speak directly to one another about the situation. It looms over them, and they both obsess over it on their own until they’re forced to confront who they are as a couple.

-Rachel Wagner