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Religio Medici by Robert Brown

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Interesting book about religion and life. Was assigned this book in grad school. Here's a description:

Written by Browne during the 1640s as a means of profiling his own psyche while composing a personal spiritual testament to the divine, Religio Medici, or Religion of a Doctor, was received with great acclaim both in England and in continental Europe at the time of its publication.

The text is principally structured around three key virtues: the first part is occupied with the attributes of Faith and Hope; while the second part is concerned with Charity. Throughout, Browne maintains his own recognisable style and tone, writing with frankness, clarity and conviction in a manner befitting an avowed Christian.

For its profundity and explanatory wisdom, scholars of the 17th century offered Religio Medici much praise, and Browne became famous. The book also enjoyed a revival during the 19th century, wherein the characterful idiosyncrasies of Browne were appreciated by the artists and intellectuals of that era. Today, the text remains a favourite of Christians and scholars for its accessibility and merits of tone.


Sir Thomas Browne is one of the supreme stylists of the English language: a coiner of words and spinner of phrases to rival Shakespeare; the wielder of a weird and wonderful erudition; an  inquiring spirit in the mold of Montaigne. Browne was an inspiration to the Romantics as well as to W.G. Sebald, and his work is quirky, sonorous, and enchanting.

Here this baroque master’s two most enduring and admired works, Religio Medici and Urne-Buriall, appear in a new edition that has been annotated and introduced by the distinguished scholars Ramie Targoff and Stephen Greenblatt (author of the best-selling Will in the World and the National Book Award–winning The Swerve). In Religio Medici Browne mulls over the relation between his medical profession and his profession of the Christian faith, pondering the respective claims of science and religion, questions that are still very much alive today. The discovery of an ancient burial site in an English field prompted Browne to write Urne-Buriall, which is both an early  anthropological examination of different practices of interment and a profound meditation on mortality. Its grave and exquisite music has resounded for generations.