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Tales from the Scale by Erin Shea

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Shea, who gained national attention with her weight-loss blog "Lose the Buddha" in 2003, presents a zesty, honest collection of stories following the triumphs and trials of several overweight women who "got to The Point and found their own map out of Big Girl Town." The book's format is similar to a blog, with short, informal entries, but rather than just sharing a lone blogger's struggle to shed pounds, it brings together tales by Shea and six of her girlfriends who also have diet blogs. Some of the pieces are tinged with bitterness, especially in their descriptions of other people's reactions to the writers' diet attempts and subsequent lack of support. Mainly, though, the women find humor and encouragement through shared experience. Shauna Marsh wonders why department stores always put plus-size clothes in inconvenient locations, like the basement or the top floor: "Perhaps the more remote the location, the less they have to acknowledge that the plus-size section even exists. Or maybe they think, The walk will do you good, fatty!" The writers take on other issues, too, like sex, fat camp, identity and life after weight loss. The savvy, amusing voices will provide a refreshing treat for any diet-weary woman.