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Posted by Rachel Wagner on

The three books I have out right now were all mostly written around the same time. I was keeping a blog on my personal site a little while back. I think I was just sick of the publishing world and trying to get my stuff out the new-traditional way via online magazines and twitter.

I don't remember my exact intention, but I think I started with the men I was meeting. Then I also added a few posts about fashion or just life. Actually one of them got picked up by a magazine lol. That editor found the piece on her own when I was submitting about something else and said she'd like it. So some people did recognize what I was doing.

That essay (about dressing a certain way to get things done) was part of the fashion vignettes, which turned into FEM. That it the newest one. Another, about regular life stuff happening locally, was Abandonment Issues. And the first book I put out was about dating and became Back Like I Never Left. That is the one that got me selling books for ten dollars to begin with.

This weekend, I'm offering those three titles for $5/each for anyone who's interested with code HALFOFF. Reviews and chapter lists are all on the book pages themselves. They're all really real and easy to read. This Friday-Sunday (1/8-1/10). Click here to view those books.

-Rachel Wagner


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