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Posted by Rachel Wagner on

Should probably start using the blog feature on here lol. I have write-ups of new books and reasons for existing that I can write about.

So anyway what's going on right now is that I'm going to do a 50% off sale on Monday for cyber Monday. Really the point of this store is to be online, so that's why all the sales are on there. But I have a bunch of different stuff. Books about living with bipolar II, dating in the music industry, and hormones from perspective of a medical doctor who also happens to be a stoner.

This morning, I picked up The Eminem Collection because I really love Hilton Als and I feel weird today so I wanted to read his voice. And I love what he says about him--how he's a certain kind of whiteboy. One who genuinely merges genres and races and sound. The two of them--Als and Eminem--are the perfect match themselves. 



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