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50% off All Fiction Titles Cuz I Like Fiction

Posted by Rachel Wagner on

I used to love fiction best. I wanted to write it and read it almost exclusively. That's what I was studying in college too. Well, mostly you'd read a work of fiction, then you'd read a bunch of non-fiction about that fictional piece. Then you'd write your own non-fiction piece on all of those texts. It was fun.

I got more into non-fiction after graduation, tho. I don't know what switched things over really, but I started to prefer reading real stories. Essays, memoirs, whatever. I liked to know what really went on and how that one person is responding to it. Soon, I was also writing more non-fiction of my own.

But, when I do mix in a novel after a while, I remember what's so great about it. So light, so compact. A whole little world that begins and ends in that book. It's comforting to return to and sad when it's over. I've read a few novels lately, and they all made me feel like that.

So for the next 48 hours, I'm going to make all the fiction books on the site 50% off. Use code FICTION at checkout. Look through all the options here.

-Rachel Wagner 2021


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