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What about romance?

Posted by Rachel Wagner on

Flipping through The Kiss Quotient today, I remembered how much I love romance stories. They are so comfortable because you know what's going to happen--there will be two people who are an unlikely match but by the end it all makes sense. There's something certain and secure about that model. And maybe that's why when you look at real life, you want it to be real like that too.

The true test to know if something is a romance, though, is to see that it ends in marriage. So the difference between romance and tragedy is that either people get married or everyone dies. In that sense, Romeo and Juliet is technically a tragedy (and therefore so is West Side Story). I guess dying together is not necessarily being together. It's not the fantasy ending where things somehow all work out.

I made a new collection for romance titles today, but I'm not really basing this collection totally on if the characters end up in marriage. So those plays also count here. The romance category is more like if the book is about love and if the book revolves around the romantic condition, then it's romance. So if someone falls in love with living alone or someone is in the marriage following the actual romance, they're in there too.

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-Rachel Wagner


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